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You Don’t Know Me

You Don’t Know Me – OUT NOW!

Brand new single: You Don’t Know Me OUT NOW!

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The new KCC single is called YOU DON’T KNOW ME.  It was written and produced by Tim Vine of Electric Diplomat and August Darnell.

Darnell met Vine in Monte Carlo. Vine had just won a small fortune at the Roulette table. Darnell had just lost a small fortune at the same table. Vine felt sorry for Darnell and offered to buy him a drink. Darnell rebuked the offer, mistaking it for a  gesture of superiority. Darnell’s ego kicked in. He said to Vine: “You don’t know me?” Vine replied, “You don’t know me?”
And so a friendship was born. And a sun-scorched song was created out of the embers of a gambling addiction in the South of France.
Turns out that Vine did not recognize Darnell without his signature mustache and two-toned shoes. Darnell invited Vine to hop aboard the KCC Banana Boat whenever he wasn’t busy with his own band, Electric Diplomat.
The track is hot. Check out what it does to your body. And meanwhile, have a swell summer.
YOU DON’T KNOW ME , on the 2C2C record labelcan be found in all on-line stores. It is the 2nd single from the KCC Album entitled Port D’Arnelle.