Accolade Award

Accolade Award!

Accolade Competition!

We are very excited to have won an Award of Merit for our recent single music video entitled: ‘Do Yourself a Favor‘!

Click HERE to see the Award of Merit list for May 2018.

On behalf of our entire staff and panel of judges, I am pleased to inform you that you have won an Accolade Global Film Competition Award!
Season: May 2018
Theo Gee (UK), Do Yourself A Favor
Award of Merit Special Mention: Music Video  
Winning an Accolade is something you and your entire team can be proud of!  Our judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece.  The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you and your team have spent to create your outstanding production!  Congratulations on your achievement!


KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS has a new single. It’s about time. It’s called Do Yourself a Favor. Produced and written by August Darnell and Peter Schott (the same team who brought you I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby: “Take a look at me, you know I couldn’t look no better!”). And it’s available on their own label, appropriately called 2C2C (too cool to conga music).

And here’s the video for you to enjoy!