Off the Coast of Me

Single Releases

Bogotà Affair‘ was the third single to be released from the Off the Coast of Me 40th Anniversary Edition album.
Calypso Pan American‘ is the latest release from the same album. Out on October 28th.
The first single released off the album was ‘Mister Softee, and the follow up single, released on July 10th, was the title track ‘Off The Coast Of Me.
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Off The Coast Of Me
(40th Anniversary Edition)



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Off The Coast Of Me was Kid Creole and the Coconuts’ first album release in 1980 on ZE Records.
The Kid and Coati Mundi together decided to celebrate this debut album by releasing a 40th Anniversary Edition.

Released on 2C2C Music, the Kid’s very own record label, the Deluxe Anniversary Edition includes 22 tracks in total.

It, of course, has all the tracks from the original version (re-mastered) but you will also enjoy some very special never-before-released original demos, plus some cool upbeat Bootlegs by the Kid’s son, artist Youngr. But it also includes some recent singles from the band that you may have missed the first time round:
Do Yourself a Favor, Checkin’ My Colonies, You Don’t Know Me and In a Place Like This.


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Off The Coast of Me



PRE-ORDER from May 28 – OUT on JUNE 11

Dedicated to Stony Browder Jr., without whom this journey would never have even started


Produced by August Darnell, Coati Mundi and Adriana Kaegi for 2C2C Music


  1. Mister Softee
  2. Maladie D’amour
  3. Yolanda
  4. Off the Coast of Me
  5. Dario, Can You Get Me into Studio 54
  6. Lili Marlene
  7. Bogota Affair
  8. Calypso Pan American
  9. Adnaloy
  10. He’s Not Such a Bad Guy After All
  11. Off The Coast of Me (Youngr Bootleg)
  12. Yolanda (Youngr Bootleg)
  13. Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54 (Youngr Bootleg)
  14. Bogota Affair (Youngr Bootleg)
  15. Mister Softee (Live at the Rock Lounge 1981)
  16. Off The Coast of Me (Original Demo)
  17. Bogota Affair (Original Demo)

1) Engineers: Bob Blank, Julian McBrowne, Lars Henrik Nissen, Dario Darnell
2) Studios: Blank Tapes, Chappell Studios, LN Sound, Llama Land Studios
3) Photography: John Rynski, Eva Tudor-Jones
4) Art Direction: Nadine Ballard

5) The Musicians: August Darnell, Coati Mundi, Peter Schott, Winston Grennan, Marc Mazur, Stony Browder Jr., Carol Colman, Andrew Lloyd, Freddie Harris, Charlie Lagond, Danny Kahn, Sam Burtis, Jay Stovall, Dario Darnell

6) The Singers: August Darnell, Coati Mundi, Don Armando Bonilla, Adriana Kaegi, Lourdes Cotto, Lori Eastside, Frank Passalacqua, Fonda Rae, Brooksie Wells


Ron Rainey, the most honest MANAGER I have ever known
Eva Tudor-Jones, my wife, who almost killed me by turning me into a Vegan (for 18 months)
My 2020 Band: Dave Imby, Mike Gorman, Oroh Angiama, Mark Anthony Jones, Chris Storr, Barnaby Dickinson, Edgar Jones, Otto Williams, Tim Vine, Jamie McCredie, Lorne Ashley, George Hogg
My 2020 Coconuts: Sarah McGrath, Roos Van Rossum, Charlotte De Graaf 

Michael Zilkha, who believed in the TRIP long before the Banana Boat left the dock.
Maripol, who insisted we be a part of the movie Downtown 81. 


Adriana: “I guess my greatest contribution to the band, besides doing all the choreography and designing all the outfits and providing a European flair to the backing vocals is… I refused to let August call the band Kid Creole and the Cold Cuts! He thanks me to this day.”

Coati Mundi: “Dr.Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band got me on drugs and Kid Creole & The Coconuts got me off them”.

And a special thank you from Coati Mundi:
Grande GRACIAS a mi hermana, Marina y especialmente mis padres, Cruz* y Flora*. Tu amor y apoyo me ha sostenido toda la vida. (*QEPD).

Label: 2C2C Music




We are excite to announce a new summer date in the calendar:

Date: Wednesday August 14th, 2019

City: Beziers, France



It’s a free open air downtown event. Everybody welcome!




We are excited to play the Leuven Festival in Belgium this summer.



Music performances by Ertebrekers at 20.30-21.45, followed by Kid Creole & The Coconuts at 22.30-00.00.

  • When: Friday 26 July 2019
  • Where: Oude Markt, Leuven
  • Free open air event

For more information please visit the website:


The Big Weekend – Cambridge Live

The Big Weekend – Cambridge Live

We are excited to announce we will be headlining the Friday night of this fabulous festival in Cambridge. The festival runs over the weekend of July 5th-7th at Parkers Piece in the centre of the historical city of Cambridge.
Stage time on the Friday is 21.00-22.00.

Cambridge Live says:
We are pleased to welcome the legendary Kid Creole and the Coconuts to the Big Weekend on Friday 5 July. Kid Creole and the Coconuts are celebrating its 38th Anniversary this year. That is amazing! Kid claims this is the Farewell Tour, but he has been saying this for 10 years.
Joining him on stage this summer:
The Coconuts =
Sarah McGrath
Roos Van Rossum
Charlotte De Graaf
The Band =
Toby Goodman (drums)
Mark Anthony Jones (guitar)
Michael Gorman (keys)
Oroh Angiama (bass)
Chris Storr (trumpet)
Barnaby Dickinson (trombone)
Edgar Jones (saxophone)
Kid Creole and the Coconuts was born out of the red hot embers of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. In the 1970’s the Savannah Band had successfully merged the big band sound of the 1940’s (Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Louis Prima) with the dance floor beat of the disco era. The Kid fused the big band sound with every strain under the sun – calypso, soca, salsa, rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, funk, hiphop, etc… with a strong accent on Caribbeanism. Kid Creole and the Coconuts thus became pioneers of what became known as mongrel music. In other words – a delicious but strange potpourri of goodness.

The Big Weekend is a free to attend, non-ticketed, community event comprised of three days of free family entertainment on the central area of Parker’s Piece, provided by Cambridge City Council, and organised by the charity Cambridge Live.


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Good to be LIVE! OUT NOW!!!

Live in Paris CD – Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Recorded at Le Zenith, Paris, September 10th, 1985.


At the zenith of their career, with the complete original line up of Creoleans, Kid Creole & The Coconuts take the stage in Paris to perform and record one of the hot and unforgettable shows that made them famous. The band loved Europe and Europe loved them right back. You can hear it in the applause and the rebounding energy from the stage. In fact, the band is so tight that they never stop playing and we are pretty sure that the audience never stopped dancing (or smiling). The last beat of every song is also the first beat of the next song and this party is a festive and wild ride. Grab a piece of dance floor and hang on!

Kid Creole & The Coconuts

OUT NOW!!!!!!!



The line up:
August Darnell, Andy “Coati Mundi” Hernandez, Adriana Kaegi, Cheryl Poirier, Janique Svedberg, Carol Colman (Bass), Peter Schott (Keyboards), Dave Span (Drums), “Bongo” Eddie Folk (Percussion), Jimmi Rippetoe (Guitar), Kenny Fradley (Trumpet), Lee Robertson (Trombone), Charlie Lagond (Saxophone).

The track list:
Don’t Take My Coconuts
My Male Curiosity
Table Manners
Mr. SoftieAnnie, I’m Not Your Daddy
I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby
No Fish Today
Dear Addy
Stool Pigeon
Say Hey
The Lifeboat Party
Caroline Was A Dropout


Also available for streaming:





Released on Rainman Records



Alassio, Italy

Kid Creole and his Coconuts are very excited to be a part of WWWK in Alassio, Italy on October 6th, 2018.

Christopher Cross, Kid Creole and the Coconuts and the Earth Wind and Fire will be on the stage of the second edition of WWWK, in Alassio, on October 6th 2018.


Giampiero Colli keeps his word and does it with a bang. Indeed, with three. Christopher Cross, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Earth Wind and Fire: this is the fabulous trio of stars that will be the protagonist of the second edition of WWWK on 6 October, When We Were Kids, the event that last year has inflamed the Riviera. In the Borgo Barusso, venue of the event, Colli worked in silence with Adriano Berrino and the two took another formidable gift for their Alassio from the cylinder.

“I was unbalanced – says Colli – ensuring that we would get over it, and I really believe I have kept my promise”. And that’s not all. In full WWWK style, in fact, there will be a top level food and wine: with another move that will not fail to amaze, this year the tasting of WWWK will be curated by Franciacorta, which with its famous cellars will offer the public the best of the Italian “bubbles”. “Franciacorta is today – continues Colli – an absolute excellence of drinking in the world: a true Italian pride: for us, having them at our side means the certainty of giving the city another manifestation of global stature”.

A rich menu curated by “Svizzera Ricevimenti”, a leader in luxury catering, will complete the charm of the special alassina night.

After Tony Hadley, the Boney M and the Village People, then, preparations for a new adventure start that promises to recreate and overcome the magical atmosphere of 2017. The stage will be set up in Piazza Pacini, suitable to accommodate the predictable “invasion” of fans and gourmets. Like last year the Borgo Barusso will be the scene of the food and beverage section, with Franciacorta and the buffet of Switzerland Ricevimenti.

The three groups are authentic legends of the ’70s and’ 80s, decades in which they expressed their best: Christopher Cross is among the few singer-songwriters able to boast at least four songs become in effect “evergreen”: the engaging “Run like the wind “, the dreamy” Sailing “, the serenade in New York City of” Arthur’s theme “, from the movie” Arturo “, (the title of the piece is” Best that you can do “) and the rhythm of” Never be the same “, Passing to other hits like” Minstrel Gigolo “and” Say you’ll be mine “. His voice is unmistakable, which in Alassio will resound with his particular and beloved tone.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts are and remain true disc icons: with their 1950s look and a very distinctive Caribbean-style salsa they dominated the tracks of those years for a long time. With a horny section of strong support and the great stage presence of their frontman, each of their live shows enthuses and engages audiences of all ages. In Alassio they will not spare their successes, like “Stool Pigeon”, Annie, I’m not your daddy “,” Endicott “and the immortal” Male Curiosity “, part of the soundtrack of the film” Against All Odds “.

Earth, Wind and Fire, to use an abused term, need no introduction. “Boogie Wonderland”, “September”, “Fantasy”, “After the love has gone”: dozens of Grammy Awards, endless platinum records, entire weeks at the top of the charts all over the world. The formation that will perform in Alassio is the one led by Al Mckay, who with the late Maurice White founded the group, writing most of the music. Sixteen artists of the highest level, true myths in their instruments, which make up the current formation, which gives the best of itself live.

For tickets and more info check the website again soon.

We look forward to seeing you there!

BBC Radio 2’s All Star Party

Radio 2’s All Star Party 2018

Radio 2’s Saturday night line-up of Trevor Nelson, Craig Charles and Ana Matronic are coming together for a second All Star Party – live from the iconic Bridlington Spa, on 29 September.

Craig Charles, Ana Matronic and Trevor Nelson

And you could be joining us! Find out who’s performing and how to buy a ticket below.

Celebrating the best of specialist music on Radio 2’s Saturday night schedule, there will be DJ sets from Radio 2 favourites as well as live music from great soul, RnB, disco and dance acts.

Trevor Nelson, Craig Charles and Ana Matronic will all be broadcasting their live shows from the Art Deco ballroom of the seaside venue. They’ll be joined for a spectacular night of live music by chart topping stars and soul legends:

  • Clean Bandit
  • Incognito
  • Kid Creole and the Coconuts
  • Lemar
  • The Fantasy Funk Band (featuring Gabrielle, Jaki Graham and John Turrell)

Tickets are available now via the Bridlington Spa website:




New date added!


Venue: Théâtre Antique d’Orange, Orange, France
Date: August 17th, 2018

Kid Creole and the Coconuts are very excited to playing this fantastic venue this summer!

For tickets go to: TICKETS

The Roman Theatre of Orange is a Roman theatre in Orange, VaucluseFrance. It was built early in the 1st century AD. The structure is owned by the municipality of Orange and is the home of the summer opera festival, the Chorégies d’Orange.

It is one of the best preserved of all Roman theatres, and served the Roman colony of Arausio (or, more specifically, Colonia Julia Firma Secundanorum Arausio: “the Julian colony of Arausio established by the soldiers of the second legion”) which was founded in 40 BC. Playing a major role in the life of the citizens, who spent a large part of their free time there, the theatre was seen by the Roman authorities not only as a means of spreading Roman culture to the colonies, but also as a way of distracting them from all political activities.




Cavalaire Sur Mer

Cavalaire Sur Mer

We are excited to announce Kid Creole and the Coconuts will be performing in Cavalaire Sur Mer at Les Rendez-vous l’ete.

Date: Wednesday July 25th, 2018 at 21.30
Venue: Esplanade Ste Estelle, Cavalaire Sur Mer, France

Who has not already hummed the melodies of this crazy band of the 80’s where salsa mixes with disco on jazzy influences… A very visual and rhythmic concert that will delight all generations. The evening commences at 8.30 pm.

For more information CLICK HERE