Fiesta Sète

Festival : Fiesta Sète, France
Venue : Théâtre de la Mer
City : Sète
Date : August 6th  2018

It was twenty-two years ago … the punch was more fashionable than the mojito, and Wim Wenders had not yet become infatuated with Cuban papys that would not be long in the wake of his Buena Vista Social Club , to capsize the biggest international stages. But the very young Métisète association already swore by Afro-Cuban rhythms. In 1997, stunned by a little sea breeze, José Bel Mr. Open Music, a legendary record store in Sète (from 1975 to 2002), music lover and cultural activist in the youth clubs and film club, decided to extend his love for music by creating a festival that he still runs. this day voluntarily.Accompanied by some local locals just as passionate they have decreed that the Sète Corniche was well worth the Malecon Havanese, and that the time was ideal to put the Fiesta Latina festival on stream . The Latin sail then pushed them to other shores, from the Indian Ocean to Africa via the Balkans: a whole world of music that the festival, aptly renamed Fiest’A Sète , never stops explore since to share the riches.

It was twenty-two years ago, and the world was not yet a click away. Indeed, we can today, without leaving his chair, discover an underground group in Kinshasa or even attend the concert of a Pakistani cult artist disappeared for fifteen years. But try, in front of your computer screen, to taste this stunning sea breeze, and the sweetness of a summer evening sublimated by an unknown language; So try, thanks to the internet, to hit in the hand of a legend of the tempo of Bootsy Collins or Nile Rodgers, to dance among the musicians of Toto La Momposina, to meet the warm glance and the radiant smile of Boubacar Traoré. So try to feel the emotion of the meeting, the sweet vibration of the shared party, the intensity of the living music. Not won …

Yes, live music rather than world music simply because the ones we cherish speak to the present of our world today. Our choices remain guided, for the most part, by a certain idea of ​​modernity, miscegenation and movement . Nothing excites us as much as the musical proposals with new flavors, the most audaciously prepared mixtures, provided that quality and pleasure are at the rendezvous !


  • 14 days of festival
  • 30,000 festival-goers , all events combined
  • 25 groups, more than 250 artists from all over the world
  • 14 concerts at the Théâtre de la Mer
  • 9 concerts in the communes around the Bassin de Thau and in Sète
  • Musical cinema sessions
  • Musical chat
  • Children and teen workshops
  • Before and after on the beach
  • World cuisine stalls at concert venues
  • More than 400 members of the Métisète association which organizes the festival

The latest from Creoleville



CHERCHEZ LA FEMME is a musical extravaganza that tells the story of one man’s loss and another man’s gain and the powerful women who make it all possible. It explores dark themes (abandonment, sibling rivalry, unrequited love) and light themes (sexual healing, the pursuit of happiness,  the smell of success) but never without inviting you to shake your head and slap tap your toes to the infectious neo-urban-jungle grooves. The play is set in New York City and the Caribbean in the 1980’s. It’s reckless. It’s rhythmic. It’s romantic.



30 years ago Vivien Goldman interviewed me in London for a magazine called NME. My alter ego, KID CREOLE, had just released an album entitled TROPICAL GANGSTERS on the Island Records label. It was a hit. The interview lasted 3 hours and 35 minutes. A friendship was formed. 7 years ago Vivien visited me in my home in the idyllic Swedish countryside. We joked about writing a musical. The joke became a reality. The first draft of the play was written in 6 days. At first it was called I’M A WONDERFUL THING, BABY.


1 year ago Vivien met an actor named Julius Hollingsworth. She spoke to him about the musical. Julius said “Hey, I have done some work with the La Mama group in downtown Manhattan. Perhaps they would be interested in this!” Behold! Fate rears its magnificent head out of the wilderness. In the Spring of this year, a staged reading of that play (in its 7th re-write) was presented at the La Mama rehearsal space. It was now called CHERCHEZ LA FEMME. The room was packed with fans of KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS and DR BUZZARD’S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BAND and with music lovers of all ages. My erstwhile manager, Tommy Mottola, even showed up. Hadn’t seen him 123 years (or so it seems)!


The staged readings were very successful. They led directly to yet another re-write and an invitation to entertain the masses at the Ellen Stewart Theatre! Pow! A dream deferred becomes a dream deferred no longer.

La Mama
La Mama

             HERE AND NOW

CHERCHEZ LA FEMME will come alive for a limited run (May 19th – June 5th 2016) at the Ellen Stewart theatre in downtown Manhattan. We will have an 8 piece band and 15 cast members and some real sets and some dynamic lighting and some remarkable choreography. Yes, I am a fan of Cecil B. DeMille and Busby Berkley!

              THE A TEAM

We will begin our extensive audition process in January so please contact us if you can sing and dance and act like a New Yorker in the 1980’s!

Where there’s a will, there’s a PLAY.

concert seats 

What happens after this limited run? Well … we bring the wacky world of CHERCHEZ LA FEMME to the rest of the world, of course.

Why not?


August Darnell aka KID CREOLE

“We may be through with the past but the past isn’t through with us.”


Coming to America

Kid Creole and the Coconuts are coming to America


Are you ready to party with us at B. B. KING’S in Manhattan on March 25th

and at the Howard Theatre in Washington D.C. on March 26th?  We are coming to America.


Meet the Band
(Left to Right)

Edgar Jones (Saxophone), Chris Storr (Trumpet), Tim Vine (Keyboards), Barnaby Dickinson (Trombone), Jessica Forsman (Coconut), Roos Van Awesome (Coconut), Eva Tudor-Jones (Mama Coconut), Jamie McCredie (Guitar), Oroh Angiama (Bass), Malene Mortensen (Chanteuse), Dave Imby (Drummer),THE KID

Meanwhile, check out the rare 1981 backstage footage and live showfrom the Ritz 1981

Available now as VOD


The band, led by August “Kid Creole” Darnell, will play several of their classics and some of their newer music. The March 25th show will also feature a very special guest appearance by Cory Daye, who sang with Darnell while they were members of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.
Also joining Darnell on stage will be Haitia Fuller and Fonda Rae, singers he produced for various side projects (Elbow Bones and the Racketeers, Don Armando’s 2nd Ave. Rumba Band).

Tour dates and ticket information: