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Once Upon a Cassette


Yes, it’s true. Guilty as charged! I am what is commonly referred to as a HORDER! I horde things. I collect things. And the lesson I force-feed my children has always been – DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! When the Coronavirus curtailed my freedom of movement, I decided to explore my cellars and lofts. That is where I found thousands of my cassettes that have followed me on every journey I have ever made (and that’s a whole lot of mileage). They were just sitting there, still looking good, just waiting to be cared for again! Since the dreaded pandemic had made me a prisoner in my own home, I decided to use the time to listen to each and every cassette! That became my MISSION IMPOSSIBLY POSSIBLE! Thus was born ONCE UPON A CASSETTE, a collection of ditties and Darnellian witticisms never heard before. I now present you with Volume 1. I hope my attention span allows me to create at least one hundred more! In fact we are attempting to release one volume a month until we’re over and done. And then in time for Christmas, we shall be offering a number of volumes available for purchase in tangible form. Pow to the Nth degree, guys and dolls!

Hey, remember the Wizard who said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”? Well, here’s my take on that: Always ignore that demand, from Wizards and Fools. Peel back all curtains. Be entertained. Be shocked. Be transformed. Be embarrassed.
I dare you. In fact, I double-dare you!

August Darnell


cassette vol 1


TRACK 9 Good Morning Mr. Sunshine
Circa 1970 / Lead Vocal: Shep Coppersmith
The band was just called ‘Savannah Band’ back then. August Darnell had been an English Teacher in Hempstead Long Island. His students called him Mr. Sunshine. He decided to write a song about that chapter of his life. Voila.

TRACK 13 Sooner or Later
Circa 1974 / Lead Vocal: Billy Dorsey / Background Vocals: Stony Browder Jr., August Darnell, Cory Daye
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band recorded this track in Manhattan. This song evolved into Call Me the Entertainer. Kid Creole and the Coconuts then covered this track on the album Doppelganger.