Lyric Books

The Kid is very excited to publish a brand new series of Lyric Books called: Call Me Mister Lyrical.

The debate about whether the music or the lyric is the most important aspect of a song has been going on since the first caveman added grunts to his partner’s humming. My opinion is this: they are equal. Each element has the power to diminish or glorify the other. 

This first volume includes all the lyrics from Off the Coast of Me (40th Anniversary Deluxe edition). Volume Two covers all the lyrics from Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places. Volume Three covers Tropical Gangsters/Wise Guy album. And Volume Four which contains the lyrics from Doppelganger, the band’s fourth studio album is out now!

The books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions.

We hope you will enjoy these Lyric Books by August Darnell. Darnell has always been widely reviewed about his lyrics and we feel the contents of this book portray his inspired lyrics perfectly.