New Single

New Single

New Single – Do Yourself A Favor-  Kid Creole and the Coconuts ft. Savanna

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Release date is April 6th.
New Single

KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS has a new single. It’s about time. It’s called Do Yourself a Favor. Produced and written by August Darnell and Peter Schott (the same team who brought you I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby: “Take a look at me, you know I couldn’t look no better!”). And it’s available on their own label, appropriately called 2c2c (too cool to conga music)!
However, you won’t hear The Kid’s voice on the single. He is so eager to retire and spend more time in his home in Bora Bora, that his latest album is featuring 7 different vocalists that he ‘discovered’ on his travels around the world.
This single features the vocals of Savanna, who just happens to be The Kid’s daughter!
The ReMix, which will be available in late April, was done by Youngr, who just happens to be The Kid’s son.
Nepotism Galore. Hey, that’s a good name for an album. Maybe next year.
This year the new album is called Port D’Arñelle. It was recorded in Copenhagen and it will be available in September.
Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the single as much as it will enjoy you.

The song features a brand new artist, Savanna, who looks and sounds just gorgeous.

True fact: Savanna is the daughter of August Darnell! True fact!

A little bit a bout Savanna:

Savanna was born in Sheffield, England and is 22 years old. Savanna is a performer who loves music, specialising in R&B and pop.
She is currently in the studio, writing and recording her first EP, which will be released this year!!

She says: “My family…. my Dad is an American musician, I’ve grown up watching him on the stage, watching him made me realise  “This is what I want to do”.  My Mum is  a professional photographer and has stood by me from the beginning . I don’t know what I would of done without them”.

She attended the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama for 3 years, where she met many inspiring people and made some really good friends. Having graduated last year, went straight on tour throughout the U.K, Europe, China, Egypt + Israel in the stage production of Thriller Live! This was extremely exciting as a live performer and was a great way to start her career.

For more on Savanna visit her website: Savanna’s Music

The single will be released worldwide on April 6th and will be available to download on iTunes and Apple Music and will also be on Spotify plus may other online outlets.

The Single

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