Oh no, THE KID has discovered NFTs!!!! Help! All those unreleased songs in his treasure chest, buried in Maui for ages, will now be unleashed upon the world. All you cryptocurrency savvy fans out there who have more money than sense, check out the rare items that are now available on
And for those of you who live in the dark ages, and enjoy it there, google THE NFT REVOLUTION in MUSIC, and you’ll see what we’re yappin’ about.
See you in the marketplace!

Check out the latest drop! The Kid and Dear Addy have reunited to collaborate on a new exciting piece of digital art, and you can get your hands on it (if you own cryptocurrency!). Own a piece of the 80s!

This 30 second NFT Digital Art piece “Got to be a Man,” by Kid Creole & The Coconuts co-founders, August Darnell and Adriana Kaegi, is the beginning of a new collaboration, in an exciting new space. Place your bids now and own a piece of the 80s!