Harlem International Film Festival

Hey Music and Movie Lovers, I am very proud to announce that I will be attending this year’s Harlem International Film Festival. My screenplay entitled IVY LEAGUE, written by myself, Peter Schott and Harriett Wichtowski has been selected amongst thousands of entries into the final of the Screenplay Showdown on May 19th.

May the odds be in our favor! and yes IVY LEAGUE is a Musical, in case you were wondering. Perhaps you’ll see it on Netflix soon. Another dream come true!

For more information you can visit the website: HARLEM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2019.

The Screenplay Showdown takes place on Sunday evening May 19th at 19.30 where a 10 page reading from the script will be presented followed by the awards at 21.30. Both of these will take place at the AMC Magic Johnson theater in Harlem. Free entry to the Showdown.

August Darnell


And the winner is….. well we didn’t win, but we came close!