The Band

Kid Creole and the Coconuts current band members:

Eva Tudor-Jones: better known as Mama Coconut: longest standing Nut in the history of the band (24 years)!  She’s also the manager/ production manager/tour manager and director of operations. She must be crazy!

Sarah McGrath: Coconut Woman we found in Bosnia, but don’t be fooled, she’s a Brit through n through! She has also been with the band for over 20 years!

Roos Van Awesome: she’s awesome and the Dutchest Coconut of the bunch!

Charlotte De Graaf: she’s a Coconut also from Holland, a young n fresh coconut recently picked from the tree!

Kristina Hanford: she’s a real Memphis Belle, but don’t get too close…. her voice will melt your heart!

Gry Bay: she’s from Denmark ; is also an actress, and she can even read your palms!

Dave Imby: he’s the drummer; he likes to beat on skins … with his hands!

Mark Anthony Jones: he’s the funkiest guitarist alive!

Jamie McCredie: he’s a Jordy through and through; and sure knows his way around the guitar!

Oroh Angiama: he’s the man with the bass and the taste!

Otto Williams: a bass player from the US and boy is he funky!

Mike Gorman: he’s the keyboard player; and he can cook a mean curry!

Chris Storr: he’s the trumpet player; and the man sure can move!

Barnaby Dickinson: he’s the trombonist; he carries that big bone everywhere he goes!

Edgar Jones: he’s the saxophonist; and he’s also a red wine connoisseur!