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The Kid, otherwise known as August Darnell, is very excited to launch his Lyric Book series:


Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three – out now!

The first volume in this series covers the cleverly written lyrics from the re-released Off The Coast of Me – 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. 
Volume Two, which is out now, contains the lyrics from Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places.

All volumes are available on AMAZON.

The debate about whether the music or the lyric is the most important aspect of a song has been going on since the first caveman added grunts to his partner’s humming. My opinion is this: they are equal. Each element has the power to diminish or glorify the other. 

We hope you will enjoy these Lyric Books by August Darnell. Darnell has always been widely reviewed about his lyrics and we feel the contents of this book portray his inspired lyrics perfectly. 

The books are available in Kindle and Paperback versions from Amazon.
(Order from your own country’s Amazon store)

Be sure to look out for the following volumes in the coming months in this series: CALL ME MISTER LYRICAL

Volume Two is OUT NOW!

This book contains all the lyrics from the album: Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places. As an added bonus, the original holographs, the handwritten lyrics, are included in this volume. See how the lyrics to these hit songs began!

The latest Volume Three contains all the lyrics from TROPICAL GANGSTERS / WISE GUY album. The book also has all the original hand-written holographic lyrics which show exactly how the songs began their journey and how we know and love them today!


Oh no, THE KID has discovered NFTs!!!! Help! All those unreleased songs in his treasure chest, buried in Maui for ages, will now be unleashed upon the world. All you crypto-currency freaks out there who have more money than sense, check out the rare items that are now available on
And for those of you who live in the dark ages, and enjoy it there, google THE NFT REVOLUTION in MUSIC, and you’ll see what we’re yappin’ about.
See you in the marketplace!

Check out the latest drop! The Kid and Dear Addy have reunited to collaborate on a new exciting piece of digital art, and you can get your hands on it (if you own cryptocurrency!). Own a piece of the 80s!

This 30 second Digital Art piece “Got to be a Man,” by Kid Creole & The Coconuts co-founders, August Darnell and Adriana Kaegi, is the beginning of a new collaboration, in an exciting new space.

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