November 6, 2012

Welcome To Kid Creole And The Coconuts Website


Welcome To Kid Creole And The Coconuts Website

Kid Creole and the Coconuts defy description and transcend musical and fashion trends. On stage and on recordings they are unmatched in their energy, originality and musical hipness. They are timeless and unique. That you are here now shows that you are ready for the real thing. Explore this site and you just might find out… or better yet, get ye to a live show and behold the goodness for yourself!

Why did I choose Mister Softee to be the first single from the OFF THE COAST OF ME (40th Anniversary Edition) album? Well, I didn’t. That album is chock-full of potential singles. So I went about it in a democratic way (for a change). I reached out to Coati Mundi and the original Coconuts (Adriana Kaegi, Cheryl Poirier and Roni Griffith) and we voted on it.Mister Softee won by a landslide. I know why. The Coconuts adore the sentiment of the song – cutting the Kid down to size has always been their favorite preoccupation. Hope you enjoy it as much as THEY do. Hachachacha!


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Off The Coast Of Me – 40th Anniversary Edition

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