November 5, 2012

The Band

Kid Creole and the Coconuts current band members:

Eva Tudor-Jones: better known as Mama Coconut: longest standing Nut in the history of the band (18  years)!  She’s also the road manager. She must be crazy!

Jessica Forsman: she’s a Coconut from Finland; bet you didn’t know Coconuts grow in Finland; but she’s in love with Brazil!

Roos Van Awesome: she’s the newest and the Dutchest Coconut of the bunch!

Dave Imby: he’s the drummer; he likes to beat on skins … with his hands!

Mark Anthony Jones: he’s the guitarist; and he’s the funkiest man alive!

Oroh Angiama; he’s the man with the bass and the taste!

Mike Gorman: he’s the keyboard player; and he can cook a mean curry!

Chris Storr: he’s the trumpet player; and the man sure can move!

Barnaby Dickinson: he’s the trombonist; he carries that big bone everywhere he goes!

Edgar Jones: he’s the saxophonist; and he’s also a red wine connoisseur!

Janet Orme: she’s the Kid’s personal assistant but Kid calls her his A.P. (all purpose); she likes horses … big horses!

Aaron ‘Flex’: He’s the Kid’s right hand man, and perhaps illegitimate son!

Malene Mortensen: she’s the chanteuse from Copenhagen, but she doesn’t sing in Danish, thank goodness!